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5 Things I Can't Live Without (while pregnant)

{1.} TOILET BOWL DEODORIZERS- I have constantly craved the smell of these things since I first got pregnant. I did this with my second pregnancy as well. I seem to think it has something to do with my low iron, and I'm sure it isn't very healthy, but I assume as long as I am not eating them (although if I knew it tasted like it smells then I might possibly have even tried that as well) then it is probably ok.
{2.} ICE- Again, I think this has something to do with my low iron, but I eat it all the time. Sometimes, I have to admit I have even smelled of the toilet bowl deodorizer while eating the ice just to pretend that the ice tastes like deodorizer smells.
{3.}RELIEF MD SPEARMINT AND MENTHOL SCENTED EPSOM SALT- This stuff seems to work wonders while soaking in a hot bath combining the smell of the spearmint and menthol as well as the benefits of the epsom salt. Can't get enough! And can't beat the price... $1.00 for each bag (enough for about 3 baths)!
{4.} MCDONALD'S WILD BERRY SMOOTHIES- Summer is absolutely the worst season for the last few months of pregnancy, however these are not only healthy and fairly inexpensive, but they are great on a hot day (which lately has been every day)!
{5.}ST. IVES COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN LOTION- What can I say? Fantastic fragrance, long-lasting, soft skin, as well as enhanced with collagen and elastin to provide more room for stretching of skin! Hopefully will prevent stretch marks :) keeping my fingers crossed!

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