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May goals!

Goals for May:

Go to Chattanooga with Mom, Dad & Cody and let Kaeden and Ashtyn play in the water and have a picnic!

Clean and organize each room. (I still haven't gotten settled in from moving)
Keep up with the laundry. Not only do I need to wash it but put it up as well.
Wash dishes daily.
Pick up kids' toys daily (with their help)
Go through clothes and donate those that we no longer wear and organize the ones that we do.
Start preparing for baby girl.

Organize scrapbook stuff`.
Work on Scrapbooks.

Continue working on ABCs. (Saying and writing)
Continue working on numbers.
Finish potty training Ashtyn (almost there!)
Start teaching the kids about money and its value.

Make meals each day (stop eating out so much)...see next goal.
Learn how to make at least one new meal each week.
Make a weekly grocery list and stick to it.
Work on getting the kids to eat a larger variety of food.

With Cody, make a precise budget and stick to it.
Start a savings account.
Clip coupons and use them.

Go walking each day. (Preferably with someone to keep motivated).
Make a bedtime routine and stick to it.
Eat healthy meals daily.
Take vitamin.

General "To-do" :
Clean car and keep it clean.
Keep up garden.
Look for 3 bedroom place within our budget.
Make sure everything is paid on time.
Start planning our wedding!

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