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Eventful Week already and it has just started!

Well...Sunday started off as a beautiful day! Wanted to go swimming but that didn't go as planned. Took a nap and was gonna take the kids and let them swim and play when we awoke but around the time I opened my eyes the rain started pouring and it was thundering and lightning. So.. needless to say, we didn't get to do that. Afterwards, we decided to head to town to get a few things we needed, but I slipped and fell on the slick porch and could barely walk. Our baby girl was still moving around in my belly so I wasn't extremely worried that anything was wrong with her but shortly after I fell, I could barely walk and had a sharp pain in my lower back on the left side. So.. decided to go to the ER. Wow, do I hate that place. Too many over-dramatic people in there who think they are the only people on Earth. I was very much reminded of why I don't go unless it is an absolute EMERGENCY. To sum it up, the Dr checked me and said from what he could tell it was most likely just my muscle, to put ice on it, take it easy and gave me some pain meds that make my head spin. And I still can barely walk. Good news, baby still seems to be doing great! BAD... I'm in pain and a 4 yr old and 2 yr old do not really grasp the idea of that. But, hopefully the pain will subside in a day or two and I can get back to what all I need to do.

I did find a 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide for the same amount we are paying monthly right now. So many more advantages. However, we had to apply and are now waiting to hear back (he said Tues or Wed) so in the meantime I am trying not to get my hopes up any more than I should. He said there were about 4 other that had looked at it too. Although it would be great for us and just what we need right now, if it isn't meant to be then I will keep looking! But praying that it it is :)

Friday, my little man (Kaeden) has dental surgery. I'm not excited about this, but I hope it will make his teeth feel better. He complains with them a lot. So keep him in your prayers and I'm sure everything will go as planned!

Today is Monday and the week is just now beginning but it seems that I have so much goin on... maybe not even physically but definately mentally. Hopefully things go well and continue to move forward for our family!

Will update again later... A few things to do if I can walk to the kitchen to get them done :(

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