"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away."


5 Things I Can't Live Without (while pregnant)

{1.} TOILET BOWL DEODORIZERS- I have constantly craved the smell of these things since I first got pregnant. I did this with my second pregnancy as well. I seem to think it has something to do with my low iron, and I'm sure it isn't very healthy, but I assume as long as I am not eating them (although if I knew it tasted like it smells then I might possibly have even tried that as well) then it is probably ok.
{2.} ICE- Again, I think this has something to do with my low iron, but I eat it all the time. Sometimes, I have to admit I have even smelled of the toilet bowl deodorizer while eating the ice just to pretend that the ice tastes like deodorizer smells.
{3.}RELIEF MD SPEARMINT AND MENTHOL SCENTED EPSOM SALT- This stuff seems to work wonders while soaking in a hot bath combining the smell of the spearmint and menthol as well as the benefits of the epsom salt. Can't get enough! And can't beat the price... $1.00 for each bag (enough for about 3 baths)!
{4.} MCDONALD'S WILD BERRY SMOOTHIES- Summer is absolutely the worst season for the last few months of pregnancy, however these are not only healthy and fairly inexpensive, but they are great on a hot day (which lately has been every day)!
{5.}ST. IVES COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN LOTION- What can I say? Fantastic fragrance, long-lasting, soft skin, as well as enhanced with collagen and elastin to provide more room for stretching of skin! Hopefully will prevent stretch marks :) keeping my fingers crossed!


May Updates

Wow... it is already June! Time is flying so quickly. I am 24 weeks pregnant. It's been a tough month at times but we have made it! Only 16 more weeks to go before our baby girl is here! Here are a few updates from May and my May goals!

Fun: well, we haven't had the chance to go to Chattanooga yet but definately still on my list of things to do. We did get to spend time with my brother and his family, we have gone swimming several times, and all in all have had a few 'fun days'!

Home: this one has probably been my toughest task to tackle (say that 5 times fast lol). but i am working on it! I have been sorting through the laundry and getting it put away although very slowly, it's coming along. the rooms are still not organized but I still have intentions. We were not able to get the double wide we applied to rent, so we will just have to make do with the home we are in now, and continue looking for a larger place. Either way we will make it work. Cleaning up has been extremely tough since I slipped on the porch a couple of weeks ago and can still barely walk, bend over, lay down comfortably, etc....

DIY/craft: I still haven't yet gotten around to my scrapbook stuff, but on the upside I did purchase a couple of plastic bins for some of the kids craft stuff and we have definately used them. (The other day we painted rocks and glued eyes on them) very simple, I know, but it was a thrill for my 4 and 2 yr old.

Teach: The kids are still working on their abc's and numbers. Ashtyn is pretty much potty trained (She even got up in the middle of the night last night to go pee :) One thing I do hope to do more of is reading with them.

Cook: can't say that I have made a new meal each week, but I can say that I have cooked more than I had been and I did make some baked chicken (not that I ate it, but Cody seemed to like it and was surprised that I even knew what to do with it lol). And we made cheesecake-stuffed strawberries! These turned out well and were very simple. (Previously posted) As far as grocery lists go... We have done better and been able to save more money while still eating fairly healthy. I was amazed that we got 8 meals + breakfasts and snacks for all of $67.00.

Money/Finance: We haven't made a set budget yet, but we have been able to stick with what we need and get a few things we have wanted. Still needs some work but hey, we're getting there!

Health/Fitness: :( This is one that I am disappointed with. I fell, I have a hard time walking, It's miserably hot esp being 6 months preggo, there seems to never be enough time in the day to do everything and I am exhausted. Making a meal is tiring for me. But doctor appt tomorrow, hopefully can find out more about my back/hip/bottom and what the problem is.

General: car is half-way clean, garden is doing okay, a few things died out but we were able to eat some radishes yesterday that were great! First thing we have ever actually grown lol and have plenty more left! Bills are paid on time. Still looking for bigger place and wedding is coming along, but nothing set in stone at the moment (except that we are definately getting married lol).

May 27: We added 2 new additions to our family... Kittens! They are beautiful and the kids love them! We still haven't officially named them yet, but they have adjusted well and make a wonderful addition to our life!

As of right now, I think that is about it. I will update my goals for June in a day or two. Right now I'm getting tired and not feeling well and still have a lot to get done! Check back for more posts soon!!!


Cheesecake-stuffed Strawberries! Yummmi :)

Well, I have been wanting to make these for a few weeks now and finally decided to try it. I was going to make them for my papaw's bday party on Tuesday and bought everything to make them the night before so the strawberries would be fresh... that didn't happen. So...finally on Wednesday night we got around to it. {Being 23 weeks pregnant in this heat makes everything feel like a chore including getting out of bed.} Anyways, we got around to it on Wed. night and by Thursday morning they were delicious.
Our steps to making them
First we hulled out the strawberries using a small knife (although you can buy a strawberry huller this seemed to work just fine).
Next, we made the cheesecake mix. This was very simple being that I had bought an instant cheesecake mix that you just add milk to. We let this sit in the freezer for about 10-15 mins to thicken just enough.
Then, we filled a small ziploc bag (or a cake icing bag) full of the mixture and snipped off the end to fill the strawberries.
The cheesecake mix came with its own graham cracker crumbs so I spread them on the platter to use for dipping.
After the strawberries were filled, we dipped them in melted chocolate and placed them on the graham cracker crumb bed.
When we were finished with that step, we filled another ziploc bag with chocolate (mixed with a little milk to thin), melted that in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and drizzled over the strawberries. This would have worked a little better if it had cooled a couple of minutes at first because the first few strawberries were covered in chocolate instead of a small drizzle like I had intended.
But, as for the finished product, I was pleased and will definately make them again soon!
(I have provided the original recipe below if anyone would like to try them and/or make any changes of their own. If you do let me know how they turn out!)


Eventful Week already and it has just started!

Well...Sunday started off as a beautiful day! Wanted to go swimming but that didn't go as planned. Took a nap and was gonna take the kids and let them swim and play when we awoke but around the time I opened my eyes the rain started pouring and it was thundering and lightning. So.. needless to say, we didn't get to do that. Afterwards, we decided to head to town to get a few things we needed, but I slipped and fell on the slick porch and could barely walk. Our baby girl was still moving around in my belly so I wasn't extremely worried that anything was wrong with her but shortly after I fell, I could barely walk and had a sharp pain in my lower back on the left side. So.. decided to go to the ER. Wow, do I hate that place. Too many over-dramatic people in there who think they are the only people on Earth. I was very much reminded of why I don't go unless it is an absolute EMERGENCY. To sum it up, the Dr checked me and said from what he could tell it was most likely just my muscle, to put ice on it, take it easy and gave me some pain meds that make my head spin. And I still can barely walk. Good news, baby still seems to be doing great! BAD... I'm in pain and a 4 yr old and 2 yr old do not really grasp the idea of that. But, hopefully the pain will subside in a day or two and I can get back to what all I need to do.

I did find a 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide for the same amount we are paying monthly right now. So many more advantages. However, we had to apply and are now waiting to hear back (he said Tues or Wed) so in the meantime I am trying not to get my hopes up any more than I should. He said there were about 4 other that had looked at it too. Although it would be great for us and just what we need right now, if it isn't meant to be then I will keep looking! But praying that it it is :)

Friday, my little man (Kaeden) has dental surgery. I'm not excited about this, but I hope it will make his teeth feel better. He complains with them a lot. So keep him in your prayers and I'm sure everything will go as planned!

Today is Monday and the week is just now beginning but it seems that I have so much goin on... maybe not even physically but definately mentally. Hopefully things go well and continue to move forward for our family!

Will update again later... A few things to do if I can walk to the kitchen to get them done :(


Reading beyond the Dirt

Our Garden: So this year I wanted to let the kids plant a small garden. Turns out its quite larger than I had originally planned and I do believe Cody and I have enjoyed it more than they have.
First Cody and my dad tilled up the dirt. I thought it was funny watching Cody use the tiller so I sat in the grass taking pics.
Ashtyn and Kaeden had more fun just playing in the dirt.

This is one of my favorite pics of her.
We planted strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, radishes, and cantaloupe! We are enjoying watching them come up more and more each and every day.



And our pepper sprouts!
I have been watching a few other plants grow as well!

I planted some flower seeds.
This is the result so far.

These are in my neighbor's yard but I can see them while I'm washing dishes and they have grown rapidly over the past two weeks.

And I'm still trying to figure out what these are. They kinda look and smell like peaches but I have no idea. I guess time will tell!

As our garden grows, we will keep posting more pics!


Just Another Day in PARADISE!

Thankfully, I woke up today with a little more energy. It isn't quite as hot as it has been. I have unfortunately been miserable and out of energy lately. Everytime I try to do something, I feel like I'm going to fall over. And taking my vitamin seems to make it worse. AND, it's not even technically summer yet :( but today I feel a little better although still tired. 
So since I have a bit more energy, I am going to work on some of my goals for May and see what I can accomplish. I have fed the kids and now they want some popcorn. I ate a fairly fulfilling breakfast of wheat toast and cheese grits. Drank cappuccino and now I'm drinking hot Earl Grey tea. Next I think I will have a bottle of water.
My next intentions are to clean the kids' room and the living room. Wash the dishes. Do some laundry. Get Cody. Take the trash out and clean the car if it doesn't rain before we get to that. Then onto making dinner. Give the kids a bath and then some time to relax.
Unfortunately Cody was supposed to have tomorrow off, but I think he has decided to work. So... one more day of just me and the kids.
Now off to get some of this stuff accomplished and hopefully not exhaust myself. Maybe if I see some of it getting done then I will be motivated to do more and not get discouraged. Update again later :) Hope everyone has a good day!


May goals!

Goals for May:

Go to Chattanooga with Mom, Dad & Cody and let Kaeden and Ashtyn play in the water and have a picnic!

Clean and organize each room. (I still haven't gotten settled in from moving)
Keep up with the laundry. Not only do I need to wash it but put it up as well.
Wash dishes daily.
Pick up kids' toys daily (with their help)
Go through clothes and donate those that we no longer wear and organize the ones that we do.
Start preparing for baby girl.

Organize scrapbook stuff`.
Work on Scrapbooks.

Continue working on ABCs. (Saying and writing)
Continue working on numbers.
Finish potty training Ashtyn (almost there!)
Start teaching the kids about money and its value.

Make meals each day (stop eating out so much)...see next goal.
Learn how to make at least one new meal each week.
Make a weekly grocery list and stick to it.
Work on getting the kids to eat a larger variety of food.

With Cody, make a precise budget and stick to it.
Start a savings account.
Clip coupons and use them.

Go walking each day. (Preferably with someone to keep motivated).
Make a bedtime routine and stick to it.
Eat healthy meals daily.
Take vitamin.

General "To-do" :
Clean car and keep it clean.
Keep up garden.
Look for 3 bedroom place within our budget.
Make sure everything is paid on time.
Start planning our wedding!


Ultrasound OB appt today! A little nervous...

I have another OB appt today and for the first time I am a little nervous. We went last week and found out we are having a baby girl. Everything seemed fine however there were a few things that the technician was unable to view. So now I'm just a tad bit worried but hoping everything's fine. Actually though my biggest concern is that she hasn't been moving quite as much in the last week. Although I'm sure she's fine and I'm just being a normal concerned mommy, I will be relieved to see her again on the ultrasound today! And this will only be the 2nd appt that Cody hasn't been able to go to so I was a little disappointed about that as well. I really love seeing his face light up when he sees her little arms and legs moving around and when I tell him she has his feet (which she definately does cause they look nothing like mine lol). But I guess I should be thankful that he was able to go to the last one to find out that "it" was a GIRL! Have to say that I had gotten my hopes up for a boy, probably because early in my pregnancy the Dr. said it looked like the baby was a boy but he wasn't certain, but she is definately growing on me :) and I couldn't be more happy! Now, if we can just agree on a name...
Anyways, I'll keep everyone updated and let you know how today goes and I'm sure my worries are just that and nothing to be concerned about, at least that's what I am hoping.
For now I'm gonna lay back down with my other two angels and get some rest since sleeping in a bed with them and Cody is becoming a struggle (I get stuck in the middle) and that's not easy being pregnant. But updates and more posts to come so follow along and share in our joy!


Back in the Game!

ok, ok ... I know it has been almost a year now since I have posted so I have a lot of catching up to do. So... later today I plan to post my first "real" post in a long time. I have lots of plans and very much looking forward to my future or should I say 'our' future. I intend to use this blog as a way of pushing myself with my goals, sharing memories and milestones of my family, and possibly venting at times hopefully less than others, as well as sharing ideas and creations (and possibly stealing a few from others). All in all, I want to share Life and the way we experience it. so.. Alas, look forward to many more posts in the near future! Hope you will follow!
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