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Happy 23rd Birthday baby!

Cody's 23rd Birthday was Monday, June 21. Unfortunately, I had to work all day that day and he spent the majority of the day in Gatlinburg. So... on Wednesday night, since I had been wanting to make homemade fondant anyway, together we made a cake and decorated it with homemade fondant.

We used marshmallows and powdered sugar... lots of powdered sugar. Then we added food coloring and rolled it out flat to fit on the cake. We used cups and bottle caps to cut out the circles and rolled up the leftover fondant to create the balls to surround the bottom.

Not really sure how it tastes, but all in all it looks pretty good lol. Actually turned out a little better than I anticipated.

It was a lot of fun and something we enjoyed working on together.

Maybe if we get good enough we can make our own wedding cake :)

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