"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away."


Finding New Qualitites in Myself that I wasn't sure Existed

Most of us think we know the basic qualities about ourselves that we tend to like and even think we want. So now I am having a change of heart. I have been the way I am for the most part of my life. You may be wondering how I am and why Im not too fond of it...so, here goes. I am a very needy person. I always used to think of myself as a strong individual but I am more weak than many could imagine. But in realizing that I am becoming a stronger person. It took me a lot to admit that Im not superwoman and can only handle so much. I have an extremely bad habit of doing certain things just to try not to let anyone down however the majority of the time I end up letting everyone down including myself. This may sound a little selfish but I am going to start doing what I want for me. Some people may think I already do that but in all reality I am the sole person who is destroying myself by letting others influence what I do and how I think in every situation. So...For the Record this is my late New Year's Resolution...
1* Make decisions, not options.
2* If the outcome is not what I expect then go from there instead of having many backup plans.
3* Be patient. (This will be a challenge for me)
4* Go with my Gut. If I know something is not right from the beginning it will probably not be right in the end.
5* Don't feel guilty or pressured.
6* Do my best to the extent that I am capable of fulfilling.
7* Don't overwhelm myself with too many obligations.
8* Make reasonable goals and reach them.
9* Be honest and trustworthy. Have Integrity.
10* Have fun and enjoy life. Don't take everything too serious. Life is what you make of it. In the end it doesn't really matter if there were crayon marks on the kitchen floor before you go out and play. Magic erasers work wonders:)

Thanks to the many of you who have helped me realize who I was, who I don't want to be and what I have to work on to become what I am. Please stick with me as I expect to struggle with this at times. But as a commitment to myself I intend to change my ways. Feel free to encourage me or to call me out when needed. Much love...

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