"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away."


Ten days

Time seems to be flying by. Well I guess it should be since I keep moving my trip up sooner :) I am now planning to head out on Friday, May 7, which is actually 4 days earlier than I had originally planned. The reason for this being Clayton and Sarah want to keep the kids while I am gone and the only time for that to happen is on Fri-Sun... so change of plans for me but I'm excited either way! I was a little nervous that Cody would not be so sure of me coming earlier but he seemed fine with it which made me that much more confident in going. I know there are a lot of people that are gonna be worried about me, but don't worry I will keep in touch. Just please be supportive in the decisions that I make as they are mine to make. I will miss my babies for those couple of days but it will just make seeing them again that much sweeter and I know Clayton and Sarah will take good care of them. But I will keep you updated and hope everything goes as planned! Cody is so sweet! He even put a silk pillow case on the pillow for me. I think I am already a little spoiled ;) Can't wait to see this sign!


This takes Courage and Strength...

Wow so I thought I had a lot to worry about at times...this girl is more courageous and has more strength then I could have ever imagined having at 16. Check out Abby's blog! Anyways, I spent the majority of my morning reading about her and Jessica Watson both of which I found to be very intriguing.
So...13 days now. I'm going today to make sure everything is good with my car to make that 11 hour trip to Louisiana. Then headed to work at 4. Glad to have Erica back at work even if it is only for a month or so. We will definately have to get together and hang out before she leaves.
I have a ton of homework to finish before Wednesday and plan to do that tomorrow. So... my Tuesday is pretty much spent already. Maybe it will be raining so I won't be tempted to go outside and find more interesting things to do. After that my house and my kids are gonna require alot of much needed attention :)
K... so I'm off to get the kids and I fed and bathed to get started on this 2 week excitement of a new beginning. Excited to see where it takes me and if nothing else to know that I did something I wouldn't normally attempt. So my inspiration for the trip is these two courageous 16 yr olds. If they can sail around the entire world alone then surely I can make it to Louisiana safely and enjoy it as well. Hope everyone has a good day and I hope to accomplish a few things today!!!


2 Weeks & Waiting

Today is officially 2 wks away from when I am going to Louisiana to finally meet Cody. Many of you all know I have been talking to him through phone and online conversations for over a year now. I have nearly 1500 pics of him which some would consider a little much but they are the only things I have had to feel close to him and they have def made me feel like I know him. Im sure most people probably think I shouldn't go and/or that it's dangerous to physically meet someone that you met online. However, I'm really excited and haven't looked forward to something so much in a long time! In many ways, we have gotten to know each other on a more personal level rather than a physical one and I'm thankful that we have had the chance and the time to do so. But the time has come or so he says lol and there is nothing to hold us back. I will keep you updated on my trip and the excitement that has come along with it:) Until then I will leave you with a pic of him. Can't wait to have one of us actually together!


Finding New Qualitites in Myself that I wasn't sure Existed

Most of us think we know the basic qualities about ourselves that we tend to like and even think we want. So now I am having a change of heart. I have been the way I am for the most part of my life. You may be wondering how I am and why Im not too fond of it...so, here goes. I am a very needy person. I always used to think of myself as a strong individual but I am more weak than many could imagine. But in realizing that I am becoming a stronger person. It took me a lot to admit that Im not superwoman and can only handle so much. I have an extremely bad habit of doing certain things just to try not to let anyone down however the majority of the time I end up letting everyone down including myself. This may sound a little selfish but I am going to start doing what I want for me. Some people may think I already do that but in all reality I am the sole person who is destroying myself by letting others influence what I do and how I think in every situation. So...For the Record this is my late New Year's Resolution...
1* Make decisions, not options.
2* If the outcome is not what I expect then go from there instead of having many backup plans.
3* Be patient. (This will be a challenge for me)
4* Go with my Gut. If I know something is not right from the beginning it will probably not be right in the end.
5* Don't feel guilty or pressured.
6* Do my best to the extent that I am capable of fulfilling.
7* Don't overwhelm myself with too many obligations.
8* Make reasonable goals and reach them.
9* Be honest and trustworthy. Have Integrity.
10* Have fun and enjoy life. Don't take everything too serious. Life is what you make of it. In the end it doesn't really matter if there were crayon marks on the kitchen floor before you go out and play. Magic erasers work wonders:)

Thanks to the many of you who have helped me realize who I was, who I don't want to be and what I have to work on to become what I am. Please stick with me as I expect to struggle with this at times. But as a commitment to myself I intend to change my ways. Feel free to encourage me or to call me out when needed. Much love...


April's Goals

ok...so I am stealing this idea from my friend Stephanie. I think this is a great way to keep me motivated and to not overwhelm myself with too many goals at one time. If you are reading along stay on my back as I may need it...

Here they are...

Plant flowers.
Work on Scrapbook.
Go to Max Patch and take pics of the kids:)

Go through all of our clothes and donate the ones we don't or can't wear.
Put pictures in frames and hang on the wall.

Kaeden- start working on ABCs and putting clothes on by himself. Also encourage him to stop pointing and whining when he wants something.
Ashtyn- Familiarize with colors and more body parts

Get groceries once a week.
Bake a cake and make homemade fondant to decorate.

Stay on top of laundry. Easy to wash, hard to put away. Wash and put away at least one load a day.
Do dishes daily.
Pick up toys every night before kids bedtime.

Go to mom's to walk once a week.
Eat 3 meals a day.

Check back at the beginning of May to see how I have done.

To do or not to do...that is the ?.

Ok. So... today is a rainy day. My kids are both taking their naps and instead of doing homework I am working on this blog and trying to figure it out. I have had a fairly content day. We went to buy some chairs for the front porch and came back home. The kids have been well behaved for the most part of the day. I think I am going to work on this a little longer and then take a short nap. My plans are then to wake up and work on getting motivated to get some stuff done that is long overdue. So... I guess the answer to my ? is to do and not to do :) Hope everyone has a good day and hope that I manage to get motivated to get some stuff done!

Life @ 23...

"Have a story to tell"
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